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Humanities: 7th Grade Immigration Project: Immigration Project

A research guide for Ms. Cannon's 7th grade Humanities project.

Ellis Island, 1902

Ellis Island, 1902

Library of Congress

Research Advice

Research can be time-consuming and challenging.  Don't get frustrated!  Use the adage, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."  Your teachers and librarians are here to help you, so ask a lot of questions!  


Here's some more advice: Use Keywords wisely by thinking about synonyms and different word forms of your search terms, i.e. "Immigrants" or "Immigration" and "Italians" or "Italian Americans."

MackinVia Ebooks

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Mackin VIA

Web Sources



History (Countries, People, and Policies)
Country Profiles
Policies & Current Events

Immigration Books: A Sampling

Destiny Quest Library Catalog

Russian Women at Ellis Island, 1913

Russian Women at Ellis Island, 1913

Popular Science Monthly, Vol. 82

MLA Citations

For help with MLA citations, check out:
NoodleTools (MLA Works Cited)

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